Reid Bianco @reidbianco 194d
@Devindra have you seen Halloween H20? After listening to your Halloween Kills review I think it’s the Halloween sequel you are looking for. #slashtag
Tim Goergen @TimGoergen 195d
#slashtag Watched The Harder They Fall last night and really enjoyed it, would love to hear the @thefilmcastpod review it.
#slashtag Finch on Apple TV+ is a delightful film with Tom Hanks. Dave is too cynical to like it, but I think Jeff might enjoy it. Parenting is a major theme.
Elie Nassar @ewnassar 196d
@jeffcannata if you didn't know the Bergman Scenes from A Marriage (the movie) is available on @hbomax and the original miniseries is on @criterionchannl @davechensky @Devindra #slashtag
Ryan Bavetta @Bavetta 197d
@jeffcannata @Devindra #slashtag 'Chip N Dale Park Life' on Disney Plus is a fun one to watch with kids. The animation is great and it's very funny.
Andy Breivik @IMustMusic 197d
Jeffrey, you need to watch Heels on Starz. It's about a small wrestling promotion in Georgia starring Stephen Amell and Bjorn from Vikings. Plus CM Punk shows up in an episode!!! #slashtag
Mzerma Amine aka @mzermarts /@1foSEC / @ pleins ;) @MzermaAmine 197d
rt @mzermarts #Slashtag #C_pas_moi_c_loui . . . on le fait nous même ! #com_sa, personne prend de risques ;) C'est SHOW !…
Mzermarts @mzermarts 197d
"ça fait un bail qu'on taille des shorts ! On a même taillé des costards !!" me dit de vous dire @mzermarts ! #Slashtag #C_pas_moi_c_loui . . .
Mzermarts @mzermarts 197d
"ça fait un bail qu'on taille des shorts ! On a même taillé des costards !!" me dit de vous dire @mzermarts ! #Slashtag #C_pas_moi_c_loui . . .
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 197d
@jeffcannata If you liked SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE, check out BERGMAN ISLAND. It's definitely a more interesting comment on the type of cinema Bergman was famous for. A wonderfully breezy delight without the staginess and emotional brutality of SCENES. #slashtag #bergmanisland
mark thuneman @mthuneman 197d
#slashtag “We’re Here” on HBOMax! Not an episode goes by without me breaking into tears. 3 drag queens visit small towns across the US, makeover three residents a throw a drag show. This show is POWERFUL! @jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky @thefilmcastpod
Michael Andriello @mandriello 197d
@jeffcannata @Devindra thanks for keeping up with the kid show recommendations. I showed my son the trailer for Maya and the three and he wants to start watching it. A great show for kids and adults is kid cosmic on Netflix. #slashtag
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 198d
#eternals was great. It surely could be shorter but that's true for most #marvel films. It's a real epic and #chloezhao's eye for human interaction and shared history is spot on. The story reminded me of #matrix Reloaded - curious how it'll resonate with Resurrections.#slashtag
Ben Bell @benbellphotos 198d
Upright is magical. Fantastic Australian drama/comedy series. #slashtag @JeffCanatta @Devindra @davechensky @slashfilm @timminchin
#slashtag The movie Nine Days is available to rent and strongly believe @jeffcannata should watch this completely blind, it would make for great @thefilmcastpod content
Acting Captain Stark @_starktrek_ 198d
#slashtag for #StarTrekProdigy . @jeffcannata & @Devindra , I think you two in particular would dig the first episodes of this new animated Star Trek show (geared towards kids but still fun for all)
2021 has got to be better ... @KayJayNZ 198d
Really enjoyed the heist flick, Army of Thieves. Recently released on Netflix. Army of Thieves >>>> Army of the Dead. #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 198d
Ep. 642 - Last Night in Soho (GUEST: Alisha Grauso)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Ted Douglass @TedDouglass 199d
Only 5 days left to see this awesomeness. No clue where it’ll end up after it leaves @PrimeVideo. It’s a goddamned shame. In my top 10 of the past decade. Watch it while you can. I wish they’d at least put it out on blu-ray. @Simms2673 @RhettReese @WayneOnPrime #SlashTag
Walter Weit @WalterWeit 199d
#TheBillionDollarCode a great 4 episode mini series on Netflix about how Google stole the concept and code of Google Earth from a german startup. Great storytelling based on a true story. #slashtag
The Grand Gagnon @JohnGagnon 200d
Not sure how I hadn’t heard of Wellington Paranormal, but I discovered it on HBO max, and it’s hilarious. Full marks to Jemaine Clement and team! cc: @thefilmcastpod #slashtag
#slashtag If you guys haven’t watched Dopesick on Hulu yet, drop everything your doing and check it out. Probably the best miniseries I’ve seen so far in 2021.
Social Not Working @SocialNotWorki2 201d
@thefilmcastpod my sister made this and I’m proud of her. #slashtag MNiatures: YR GOD MY GOD via @YouTube
Chris White @ChrisWhite27 202d
#slashtag @jeffcannata @thefilmcastpod @davechensky @Devindra Worth on Netflix - Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci - one of the years best and sadly not talked about!
Words Fail Me @MountainMike99 202d
#slashtag Best commentary on opioid crisis is not "Dopesick" but JK Simmons 5 minute stand alone musical number that starts off Season 4 Episode 2 of "Goliath" on Amazon Prime. (can watch without having seen series. Won't spoil anything). It's great.
@davechensky have you checked out Blush on Apple TV+? It's a ten minute animated short that rivals anything from Pixar. It is moving and beautiful. Also looked georgous on my OLED. Watch through the end credits. #slashtag
@jeffcannata have you checked out Blush on Apple TV+? It's a ten minute animated shirt that rivals anythiny from Pixar. It is beautiful and moving. Watch untill the end of the credits. #slashtag
Joey Thorsen @MemphisKingJoey 203d
.@davechensky @jeffcannata your convo about Live Funerals (fauxnerals?) reminds me of the 2009 film starring Robert Duvall, Bill Murray, and Sissy Spacek “Get Low” - where Duvall does exactly that. Honestly worth a watch if you’ve never seen. #slashtag
sean the cabbie @northolt3103 204d
@jeffcannata #slashtag maid on Netflix is quality!!
Kevin Mullaney @ircmullaney 204d
There is an awful lot of mass in Midnight Mass. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. It's right there in the title, but still, I could do with less mass. #slashtag
Dan Lolax @danlolax 204d
@Devindra @jeffcannata @davechensky I think you guys would really like Baking Impossible on Netflix. #slashtag
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 205d
Is there an IMAX trailer for #dune? I wasn't aware that it was shot this way, but it looks like a completely different visual experience. During my screening, it felt like something was a bit off or uncanny visually. Could it be the aspect ratio? #film #IMAX #slashtag
Hugh Fotheringham @Hugh2112 205d
I must recommend MR INBETWEEN for #slashtag. Aussie show about a gangster managing his profession while also being a dad, brother, friend & partner in his normal life. Outstanding performances, writing and direction....and each episode is 20-25mins! *Genuinely* a brilliant show
Ryan Postel @ryanpostel 205d
The episode “Sushi: Say Goodbye” from The Next Thing You Eat on Hulu - it’s unsettling. If you like sushi, it’s a must watch #slashtag
Kurt @jkurto 205d
Future Man on Hulu/FX is so fun, seems like it would be right up @jeffcannata and @davechensky 's alley, but I dont remember it being mentioned on @thefilmcastpod. @Devindra dont miss out (if you havent seen it already). #slashtag
Kelly Choi 🦋 @KELLYCHOI 205d
@jeffcannata Lstened to ur pod where you spoke @DopesickOnHulu. I don’t have @hulu but I saw #crimeofthecentury by my fave documentarian @alexgibneyfilm on @hbomax; It is stunning/heartbreaking/infuriating! A #mustwatch for real deets re: opioid crisis #slashtag @TheFilmPodcast
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 205d
Ep. 641 - Dune (GUEST: Siddhant Adlakha)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
folarin @folarin 206d
#slashtag Just discovered a tv show based on Bourne story called Treadstone (2019). It aired on the USA network. Good action choreography and sound effects. I fast forwarded through the story.
Outlandish Beats @OutlandishBeats 208d
If you're looking for a creepy film and Squid Game and Parasite have you hungry for more South Korean cinema, I can recommend The Wailing (2016), streaming on Amazon Prime. #slashtag
Rob Cameron @cannikin 208d
#slashtag The Trip on Netflix just came out of nowhere. Noomi Repace, black comedy, really really smart and fun, but be prepared for some blood
Leslie Cserepy @LeslieCserepy 209d
@Devindra @jeffcannata @davechensky Going to try to push for this one again... But please PLEASE try to check out "Matsumoto Presents: Documental" on Prime. It's a Japanese show about comedians locked in a room together....and I'll leave it at that. Short seasons!! #slashtag
Leslie Cserepy @LeslieCserepy 201d
@Devindra Well Devindra, think u might be my only hope for Documental. Yes, the intro of the first episode is lengthy. But finish at least the 1st ep and see if you dont want to continue. I stand by the recommendation and feel like you'd all enjoy it, but this'll be my last push! #slashtag
@thefilmcastpod quick #slashtag rec in time for Halloween: THE NIGHT HOUSE starring Rebecca Hall, a spooky and legitimately entertaining ghost story that is out on VOD right now
Ricardo Tavares @rjtavares 210d
Hey @jeffcannata, you need to see "Trying". Really wholesome show on AppleTV about adoption, I think it's right up your alley #slashtag
James Calinaya @carrkarias 211d
#slashtag Oh my god @jeffcannata I'm so grateful for that The Premise recommendation. When @mikiebarb's voice came on, I busted my gut laughing. Whole time I was laughing and nodding and stankfacing. Wild show!
James Calinaya @carrkarias 194d
#slashtag I'm on @davechensky's side in that I'm kind of annoyed you recommended EP3 over EP2, @jeffcannata. Nearly quit the show because of EP3. But every other episode is great! This is sort of what I wanted the new Twilight Zone series to be!
Ted Douglass @TedDouglass 211d
Hey you! Looking for a new creepy mindf**k for the Halloween season? I’ve got it right here. Extremely well written, directed and especially performed. Rebecca Hall is a treasure. My nerves will be jangled for a while. #SlashTag #TheNightHouse
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 211d
THE LAST DUEL was fantastic. Special kudos to editor Claire Simpson and co-producer and -writer @nicholofcener, who should - at least - make a movie a year. Ridley Scott has learned from some of his past mistakes and is on fire. #film #thelastduel #slashtag #FilmTwitter
Stephenie believes everyone deserves 2nd ice cream @StephMagister 211d
@Devindra with this week's choice Street Fighter: the movie reference lol @jeffcannata is correct, The Premise is uhhhhhhh but you will be unable to look away. As he says, each episode is like an SNL premise if it were rated R and deadly serious. (but still funny) #slashtag
Stephenie believes everyone deserves 2nd ice cream @StephMagister 211d
@Devindra @jeffcannata @jeffcannata rewatching ep1 of The Premise and totally forgot that cameo of @davechensky's favorite host of The Daily!! (Wasn't there an episode of the Filmcast where Dave did an impression of Michael Barbaro...?) #slashtag
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 212d… @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra turns out we're all wrong about why Y The Last Man was cancelled. This is a great read about it. #slashtag
Daanish Syed @_DaanishSyed 212d
@jeffcannata Now anytime I hear the “Weekly Plug” bumper on @thefilmcastpod, this is what I think of. #slashtag #ThePremise
TeenWolfBlitzer @HyperApathy 212d
@davechensky please give Work in Progress a watch. One of the best LGBTQ shows I’ve seen. Funny, dark, inspiring. It tackles mental illness perfectly. Not enough people are talking about this show. #slashtag
thisisappa @appacuseme 212d
@jeffcannata #slashtag if you haven’t already, treat yourself to Drew Lynch. Incredible stuff.