Max Power @MichaelRPower 262d
We don’t talk enough about this show. Bull Pullman’s career defining performance. The 4th season was excellent. #slashtag
Carol S @cstephen44 263d
#slashtag The Tourist on HBOMax. Stars Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald and Ólafur Darri Ólafsson . Australian TV Limited series, mystery/drama
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 263d
Ep. 660 - The Batman (GUEST: Blake Howard from One Heat Minute Productions)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
thom. @jamms 263d
The new Taylor Tomlinson special on Netflix is very good. #slashtag
Jessica Knapik ✨ @JessicaKnapik 264d
More people should be talking about #Hellbender on @Shudder. Visually stunning, and I can’t remember the last time I was this protective of, emotionally touched by, and scared of a movie’s 2 main characters. Can’t wait to talk about it on #WhatsUpWeirdoPodcast 🌚 @adams_films
James F. @floreez_ 266d
@thefilmcastpod My friend does a video series, "Cut Up" about movies. His last one talks about actors too old to play the role, a topic you guys covered :)… - He talks about 2 more movies #slashtag
#slashtag Anyone watching Epix's FROM? I need a group to discuss this with...
Max Power @MichaelRPower 268d
Top tier Pixar. Haven’t seen this movie since I saw it in theatres and glad to say it holds up. #Slashtag
Alex Singh @BottomShelfBG 268d
@thefilmcastpod After Yang is now available on Showtime. I thought it was really lovely and would love to hear you're thoughts on it #slashtag
mark thuneman @mthuneman 268d
#slashtag “Our Flag Means Death” #hbomax As a HUGE Rhys Darby fan, I can’t recommend this show enough! Pure silly fun. Super funny so far, and super excited for more! @thefilmcastpod @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra
Tracer Bullet, P.I. @LeSneeze 269d
@davechensky “Threads” by Mick Jackson is a film that applies to current events so much so that the dates line up. (the film opens with “Saturday, March 5th”) Low budget, but so intense that it feels like a documentary at times. #slashtag @thefilmcastpod
Joshua Booker @RuffReader 270d
My ★★★★½ review of Hellbender on @letterboxd: #slashtag
Rob Federici @BigRobFed 270d
@jeffcannata since your rec a few years ago Grand Designs as been a favorite of mine and my wife. Back then only two season were available on Netflix, but FYI we recently discovered two more available on the Roku Channel and then 3 more beyond that on Brit Box. #slashtag
Radley Relics @HyContrastKid 270d
I have never dissagreed more with @davechensky than I am right now listening to him tell me that season two of #Euphoria is a disaster. Wow. It’s masterful. Anyway, still love your show #FilmCast #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 270d
Ep. 659 - Scream (GUEST: Jordan Crucchiola from Feeling Seen)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Driving a Minivan @socoldiicecold 271d
#slashtag "Retaliation" (2020) Orlando Bloom gives an incredibly moving performance in a film that is not at all the action movie the title and the thumbnail suggest. Also: 90 min, ending: 10/10
Michael Zhang @mzhangclan 271d
#slashtag a good time to fire up the 2015 documentary Winter on Fire about the Ukrainian protests in 2014 on Netflix
Ben Bell @benbellphotos 272d
#slashtag the responder starring Martin Freeman & This is going to hurt starring Ben Whishaw are 2 of the best tv shows I've seen recently. Both are brilliant, especially This is going to hurt. @JeffCanatta @Devindra @davechensky @thefilmcastpod #thisisgoingtohurt #theresponder
David and Spencer @DavidAKAButtons 276d
#slashtag have you all been watching Abbott Elementary? It's excellent, easily my favorite sitcom in a while
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 277d
Ep. 658 - Uncharted (GUEST: Christian Spicer from DLC)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Jared S. @zzeroexp 277d
Please check out Last Life In The Universe #slashtag
Michael Kalifa @kalifasound 278d I worked on the sound for this show and would love to hear what you guys think. #slashtag
Tom Walker @ttwiv 280d
#slashtag One of you mentioned "THE Suicide Squad" (2021) in "what we've been watching." After watching it this weekend, I nominate it for a full SlashFilm review. Smart entertaining movie! In my top 5 of all time.
Rhiannon @RhiaPeah 281d
#slashtag is there an episode where ‘Spoorloos’ is reviewed? I watched this weeks ago and haven’t stopped pondering since
Max Power @MichaelRPower 281d
Watching this with my daughter on Disney+ and it’s actually very funny. It pokes a lot of fun at the prequels and doesn’t take it self too seriously. I’ve watched all the Lego Star Wars content and this is my favourite. #Slashtag
ZedSed @zed_sed 282d
#slashtag "Inside No. 9" Brilliant, undefinable British 1/2 hour show. Black Mirror/Twilight Zone-ish but also both hilarious and dark. Can watch in any order. First 2 seasons on Hulu. Try episodes 1.2, 2.2, and 2.4 (season 3-5 are even better: 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 5.3, 5.6.) Enjoy!
Serafina @serafinak 282d
Tonight's family movie night: The Cat Returns on HBOMax. Studio Ghibli but not Miyazaki. Fun fairytale with talking cats. We adults and kids both loved it. Voice actors: @Cary_Elwes & Anne Hathaway. #slashtag
Irrelevant @Dvrkhound 282d
#slashtag @thefilmcastpod "I Want You Back" on Amazon was a delight to watch. Charlie Day and Jenny Slate can never do wrong
The King In Mellow @TwinPeaksLodger 283d
Watching a new sci-fi series on HBO called Dream Raider. A dark blend of Sion Sono's Suicide Club, Nolan's Inception, and Tarsem Singh's The Cell. Really enjoying it so far. #slashtag
Matthew Evan Balz @MatthewEvanBalz 284d
SUNDOWN is currently out in theatres, but I recommend streaming Michel Franco's controversial, Grand Jury Prize-winning NEW ORDER (2020) first. Its citywide chaos is so gut-wrenching that @davechensky will certainly love it #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 284d
Ep. 657 - Kimi (GUEST: Tasha Robinson from Polygon)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Cowboy Bebop x Blade Runner - Cycle of Influence (feat. Spike) #slashtag #kaptainkristian
Alex Singh @BottomShelfBG 284d
@thefilmcastpod I watched The Beta Test on Hulu. I think it's kind of a mess, but not an altogether unpleasant one. Jim Cummings has some real talent #slashtag
sean the cabbie @northolt3103 285d
@Devindra @jeffcannata @davechensky #slashtag “this is going to hurt” with Ben whishaw on the bbc is so good!!!
Michael Passafiume @passafiume 286d
Just finished Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened and it has @jeffcannata written all over it. 2016 release so maybe you've already seen but if not... #slashtag
Joshua Booker @RuffReader 287d
My ★★★★ review of Fathom on @letterboxd: #slashtag
david mcgrath @mcgruff315 287d
#slashtag Admit TGITHATSFTGITW was great Jeff! Recommend it! Any show where you can't wait for the next episode by definition is great. Tell me you weren't crying during the love making scene. And the handyman that was fixing the mailbox for years! This show is incredible
You were watching Warrior weren't you @Devindra ? Half through season two and really enjoying it. Great fight choreography. #slashtag
halincandenza @incandenza15 289d
Gotta say, I’d be astonished if @thefilmcastpod didn’t love The Tinder Swindler. Most propulsive doc I’ve seen in a longggg time. #slashtag
Alex Tae @alex_tae 290d
@thefilmcastpod now I need to give a movie fr you to watch... a brazillian doc serie "O Caso Evandro"... ur welcome #slashtag
Mzerma Amine aka @mzermarts /@1foSEC / @ pleins ;) @MzermaAmine 290d
#Slashtag #Clash #Tag, Clic & doubles clics ! La digitalisation permet de voir : -de qui il est composé -de quoi ça traite & -à quel point c'est apprécié à @ManteslaJolie_ ! 1 like sur YT 0 sur Twitter Conseil Municipal du 7 février 2022 #Tindoufisation
Ron Dawson @BladeRonner 291d
One of the most charming, delightful, beautiful, and moving documentary series I’ve seen. I was literally getting verklempt within the first five minutes. 😊 I have no doubt @jeffcannata will too. #slashtag
Fink ✊🏼 🦯 @MichaelFinkCMT 292d
HAPPY on Netflix is a wild ride. WEIRD AF. If you're looking for something out of left field based on a comic book, check it out. #slashtag
Is anyone watching Hannah on @PrimeVideo ? Esme Creed-Miles is amazing #slashtag
#slashtag Is NO ONE on the podcast watching Euphoria? That is such a shame. In the first 10 minutes of this week’s episode, Zendaya proved she is the best actress of her generation. She will 100% win the Emmy again.
RetroBob @RetroBob 292d
The Hunt - a film that at appears to be Netflix filler... but it's glorious about it. Watch it if you liked Don't Look Up, watch it if you didn't like Don't Look Up. #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 292d
Ep. 656 - Nightmare Alley (GUEST: Chris Evangelista from Slashfilm)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Eric Webster @ewebster 292d
@davechensky older movie recommendation. Since you seem drawn to darker material, I think you’d like the 2010 movie Black Death, featuring Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, and Carice van Houten. #slashtag