Michael Berlin @mberlin21 135d
Uncle Frank on Amazon Prime! Was in my top 3 with Sound of Metal and Boys State! C’mon!! #slashtag
#NightMurse @TheTrueGeen 135d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata @slashfilmcast I've been listening for years but the last two weeks was the first time I was able to hear the live broadcast. It's cool hearing the magic happening. Keep up the good work. #SlashTag pic.twitter.com/cdddEnwgiK
Tony Starks @portman7387 135d
@jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky #slashtag The Block Island Sound on netflix is a pretty incredible psychological horror movie. Go in blind
erichermanmusic @erichermanmusic 135d
I could watch Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins read the phone book, but The Father also artfully portrayed its subject, and surprised me throughout. Ending was astounding, and completely wrecked me. #slashtag
Sky Dragon @pwlmkco 136d
#slashtag Congrats #BetterDays!! @slashfilmcast watch some lesser known Asians for a change! #houseofhummingbird (hoopla), #陽光普照 (NFLX) @YellowRoseFilm @LuckyGrandma88 (Showtime)
Kevin Mullaney @ircmullaney 137d
A very short film to remind us what it feels like to go to the movies youtu.be/mcR5uqS-u7M #slashtag
Fink ✊🏼 🦯 @MichaelFinkCMT 137d
#slashtag You've GOT to watch the Allen v. Farrow series on HBO MAX. #allenvsfarrow People need to stop supporting woody allen, he's a pedofile!
Schrödinger’s Socially Spaced Spaceman @TheDeathClan 138d
Thinking about the cultural relevance of @jeffcannata talking about the cultural relevance of Avatar. 🤔 #Slashtag Avatar (2009) @Devindra @slashfilmcast twitter.com/EW/status/1370…
Entertainment Weekly @EW 138d
James Cameron's 'Avatar' has surpassed 'Avengers: Endgame' to reclaim its title as the highest-grossing movie in history.​ ew.com/movies/avatar-…
sean the cabbie @northolt3103 140d
@Devindra @jeffcannata @davechensky forget about our royal family!! Big news season 6 of “line of duty” starts next week!! Hello!! #slashtag what the hell is it gonna take for you lot to watch the best show on British tv!!! P.S glad your ok Jeff 👍👍
Peter Cozzoni @osc703 141d
#slashtag just watched #BossLevelMovie,what a good watch. Thanks guys for the recommendation.
BackseatDirecting @bsdirecting 141d
#slashtag "Lucky" (2021) on Shudder is a pleasant surprise - SXSW slasher with shades of "It Follows" and a potent metaphor. Highly recommended!
Charlie @charliejnrk 142d
#slashtag No Man’s Land 2020 French tv series set in Syria about Kurdish women fighters. Quality.
Melissa M. @therealmprove 142d
#slashtag animated show “City of Ghosts” on Netflix. Adorable and so very LA! @jeffcannata and @Devindra - could be great for your kids. But really, I recommend it for people of all ages.
mikey @mriceguy 142d
@jeffcannata Hopped on the Search Party bandwagon. We blasted through all 4 seasons in a few weeks. Thank you! Can't recommend it more highly. Along the Captain Fantastic line, is Leave No Trace from 2018. Not as hopeful but still worth a watch. #slashtag
Did any of you get into Derry Girls? It could equally be right up Jeff's alley or he watches five minutes and decides "Not for me." But I think it's hilarious, has heart, and a quick binge. Though you might need subtitles, and I know the cast is usually against that. #slashtag
Hiren H Patel @HPwrotethis 142d
@jeffcannata #slashtag I would recommend NOT watching The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. The motivations, plot, etc are just Okay. Decent for teenagers to watch but no where as good as Palm Springs.
Eric Webster @ewebster 142d
@slashfilmcast @Devindra @davechensky @jeffcannata If you haven’t caught up with it yet, you should watch Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime. #slashtag
@jeffcannata @davechensky @Devindra idk how many anime recommendations come through this channel but I thought I’d shout out Mushi-Shi. A gorgeous, gentle, meditative show that is full of heart and beauty. A GOAT-tier anime for me! Great for an ep before bed. S1 on Hulu #slashtag
Curtiss Prickett @bcfanboy 143d
Hey @slashfilmcast ! I think you guys should review a new Netflix series, “Amend” produced by Will Smith. #slashtag
Tony Disarufino @adisarufino 143d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata didn't see The Investigation in #slashtag yet. If you love a show that's hyper focused on the details/minutiae of an investigation (not the killer or gore) I highly recommend this. Gorgeous, subtle performances and cinematography. On HBO Max.
Damian Sherman @BiSiCkLe 143d
#Slashtag @jeffcannata Highly recommend Behind Her Eyes on Netflix, one of the most insane story's I've seen in a long time.
Max Power @MichaelRPower 143d
Finished the @slashfilmcast review of Sound of Metal, which was excellent, and wanted to recommend another movie that deals with hearing loss called It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004). I think you guys would like it. It was a big hit with my friends in college. #Slashtag
Who Knew @RaRaRamsay 144d
#slashtag A tense horror wrapped in a historic tale of naval misjudgement with the cast of GameOfThrones & Chernobyl #TheTerror is terrific 👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿 #BBC #AMC
It’s getting slaughtered in reviews, but I really enjoyed @PrimeVideo #Coming2America. If you’re not enjoying it then I’m going to guess you didn’t enjoy the original. #slashtag
#NightMurse @TheTrueGeen 145d
@slashfilmcast @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra I know you guys are going to review #WandaVision next but maybe an #AfterDark discussion for #RayaAndTheLastDragon my 4 year old and I saw it this morning at 7 am and she loved it. #SlashTag pic.twitter.com/M27MZqk9Ah
Bill Latronica @Bill_Latronica 147d
#slashtag @jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky you guys NEED to watch the new @cwsupermanlois #SupermanAndLois show. This is #Superman done right. It washes the bad taste of all the #ZackSnyder awfulness off the character and makes him lovable again. I can’t recommend it enough.
Steven Klaiber-Noble @snoble 147d
@jeffcannata The 1972 version of Sleuth seems like a film you would love. I don't want to reveal too much except to say it feels a lot like a play, and it's the only movie I know where the two leads were both nominated for Best Actor against each other. #slashtag
freddie mercury retrograde @ladydontmind 149d
#slashtag suggestion: just because a woman is the main focus of the movie (Promising Young Woman, Nomadland) doesn't mean it's the only time to have a woman to talk to on the podcast. Please consider having more female voices on your podcast, more often!
freddie mercury retrograde @ladydontmind 149d
Also @davechensky can you shout-out the #slashtag when you do the Weekly Plug bit? Just make it part of the intro. It's sad that it doesn't get enough love and it shouldn't always be @jeffcannata bringing it up. Thanks for listening to my suggestions. I'm a patreon.
#NightMurse @TheTrueGeen 152d
@Devindra @davechensky @jeffcannata dare I say based off just the opening title sequence and rapping pigeons this may deserve the honory #SlashTag @slashfilmcast tag #TomAndJerry #TomAndJerryMovie pic.twitter.com/6MaNKrbOD1
Curtiss Prickett @bcfanboy 153d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata Got a great new show for you guys to watch. I especially think Jeff will love this. "Resident Alien" on SYFY is so funny and has some wonderful characters. #slashtag
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 154d
@jeffcannata congrats on finally giving The Expanse a chance. Now it's time to finally watch Preacher S1! #slashtag
@davechensky Hey. Big fan of your various pods... I'm sure you're aware but Wayne on Amazon Prime needs more attention... If John Hughes wrote a teen version of John Wick / Dirty Harry and set it in Boston, this would be it. Top stuff #Slashtag
Cinephiliac @SlackerInc 155d
Absolutely ingenious. Starts a bit slow, but stick with it (it's barely over an hour long in total), pay close attention, and watch how it all fits together like clockwork without spelling everything out for you. #slashtag twitter.com/TimeTravelFilm…
The History of Time Travel @TimeTravelFilm 868d
Tony Disarufino @adisarufino 156d
@davechensky - have you checked out the doc Collective yet? Apologies if I missed your thoughts on it. Highly recommend if you haven’t seen yet. #slashtag
Alexander @AlexMals 159d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata Finally got around to watching The Sound of Metal last night and loved it. Thanks guys for the recommendation! #slashtag
Don Pata @donpata 159d
Just watched @tinyperfmovie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. A great addition to the time loop love story genre. #slashtag
D. H. Clapp @DonnieClapp 160d
I am absolutely reeling. The final scene of Uncle Frank is so trite, so pat, so incongruously hacky, that in 30 seconds it almost completely ruins an otherwise delightful film. I'm literally angry at the final voiceover. It stole a good movie from me. #slashtag
Hey @JeffCanatta if you haven't watched the My Next Guest... with RDJ, I do recommend. I think you'll really like it. #slashtag
Rob Federici @BigRobFed 161d
@jeffcannata did you know that there is an Australian Season of Grand Designs on HGTV? You can watch it on the new Discovery+ app. Also, have you figured out where to watch more seasons of the original besides the 2 on Netflix? My wife and I are hooked! #slashtag
SWEETIE, DARLING!! 🤬 @abilliontwo 162d
Highly recommend this one. Easily one of my favorite horror movies of the last year. #slashtag twitter.com/ReelJeffEwing/…
Jeff Ewing @ReelJeffEwing 162d
THE QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC (a remake of the 1981 classic), directed by Kimo Stamboel from a script by @jokoanwar, is a remarkably scary film that just released on @Shudder. In this interview, I chat with the filmmakers about the film and its influences. forbes.com/sites/jeffewin…
Force Five Podcast @forcefivepod 162d
Here's my bi-weekly reminder to @jeffcannata to watch the 2020 film, Yellow Rose. #slashtag @davechensky I think you'll love this too.
Glenn Harvey @glennjharvey 163d
#Lupin on Netflix brings the best of Omar Sy + finds a perfect balance between self contained episodes with satisfying storylines and an overarching arc across the season as it builds. Highly recommend it and can't wait for the season to continue later in the year #slashtag
action_figure_nerd @BooG38200271 163d
#slashtag @jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky The Head on HBO Max = The Thing + Agatha Christie
Michael Berlin @mberlin21 164d
@jeffcannata I remain steadfast you will love Uncle Frank on Amazon Prime. I will not rest until I hear it on the pod! :) #slashtag
#slashtag Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar maybe the funniest movie I’ve seen in years... I think... it’s up @jeffcannata alley
#slashtag Breaking News in Yuba County - superb cast, fun murder mystery pic.twitter.com/Xl2qJXfWhh
SᥱᥲttꙆᥱ_JC @Seattle_JC 164d
.@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata Surly, you have all discussed Derek DelGaudio’s In & of Itself! Right? #slashtag
Joseph Hoff @TheRealAndyHoff 164d
Battlescar - Trailer youtu.be/8eSJ6EfxELI looks interesting. It’s a VR movie. #slashtag @jeffcannata
Geoff Engelstein 🇺🇸 @gengelstein 164d
We decided to watch something random, and stumbled onto Staged on Hulu with David Tennant and Michael Sheen. What a delightful surprise! #slashtag
david mcgrath @mcgruff315 164d
#slashtag The Dawn Wall on Netflix. It is NOT Free Solo and not just a mountain climbing movie. Such a great movie about comraderie and selflessness. Give it 15 minutes until you say no.