Brian Mulligan @BKMeditor 841d
The realizations @jeffcannata had in the latest @thefilmcastpod about his Covid experience were as good as Bruce Willis’ realizations at the end of The Sixth Sense. Jeff was M. Night Shyamalan’d!!!! #slashtag
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 841d
@davechensky I think a few years ago you raved about an interactive film game called "Her Story" from Sam Barlow. Barlow's follow-up, "Telling Lies", just hit Xbox and PC Game Pass and it's right up your alley, highly recommended for you. #slashtag @Devindra @jeffcannata
C:\arkeZ◎ne 🦀 🚜 ☕️ 📸 🤿 🇺🇸🇬🇧 ☁️💙 @Clarkezone 842d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata Thanks for all you do, love the show. Have you checked out Boiling Point? 95 minutes of high presure drama set in a restaurant kitchen SHOT IN A SINGLE FREAKING TAKE!! Gripping. #slashtag
Fink ✊🏼 🦯 @MichaelFinkCMT 843d
@MoonfallFilm was a lot of fun. It's just serious enough while being a ridiculous disaster movie. Check it out on a big screen if you can. #slashtag
Brad Haney @Brad_H 843d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata Definitely check out The Fallout on HBO Max. It’s the flip side of Mass, about the after effects of a school shooting but from the point of view of a student. I can easily see this making my top 10 of the year. #slashtag
Words Fail Me @MountainMike99 843d
#slashtag Comedy you seek ? "Murderville" on Netflix. Six stand alone episodes around 30 minutes each. Turn off your brain. You won't need it. Silly fun.…
Nathan Sawczak @92nathan 842d
@MountainMike99 Glad someone else is recommending this! I specifically would love to hear @jeffcannata talk about it. I’m having a blast with it! #slashtag
Nicholas Ribera @Nick_Ribera 845d
Trash White on HBO Max is one of the best stand up specials I have ever seen #slashtag #trashwhite #HBOMax
Mzerma Amine aka @mzermarts /@1foSEC / @ pleins ;) @MzermaAmine 846d
as a #SlashTag, I invite you to use : #Gates_Gate /#Gate² [depuis qu'j'ai lâché mon partnership, Rien n'va plus ! mm entre les ex; C pas d'ma faute !] "Melinda French Gates is moving most of her wealth away from @gatesfoundation, report says" via @CNET
All of us are dead on Netflix is a pretty fun and well done zombie show set in a school. Not a super original concept but has some neat ideas #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 847d
Ep. 655 - A Hero (GUEST: Roxana Hadadi from Vulture)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Gordon Sumner @jicsar 847d
If you want to give your brain a workout “Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes” is a must see. #slashtag
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 849d
To my surprise, #IndustryHBO season 1 was very very entertaining. Love these characters and the writing. #slashtag
BadgerBadgerBadger @Bdaggers 849d
#slashtag ‘The Woman in the House across the street’ etc on Netflix. Just your normal Horror / Comedy / Naked Gun / RomCom / Thriller mash up with Kirsten Wig. Absolutely insane show, quite unique. Plot holes you could drive a semi truck through. Recommended
Conor Bresnan @ConorBresnan1 849d
"The Falls" on Netflix. A tonal shapeshifter. Can a relationship include two kids and two parents yet only have two people? A tremendous follow-up to "A Sun" from Chung Mong Hong. Never dull, always surprising. Delightful, heart-wrenching and unique. #slashtag
Given To Rock @Giventorock 850d
SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS: Making Of '4' Episode 1 (Video) #GunsNRoses #slashtag
sdcelik @sdcelik1 850d
#slashtag The Summit of the Gods: I would really recommend this one. A manga adaptation with beautiful visuals and it asks nice questions about the meaning of life and success. One of the best movies of 2021 , especially if you’re into mountaineering films.
hysum ismail @thehysum 852d
#slashtag Matt Berry is back with Toast of Tinseltown. It's exactly as hilarious as that sounds. WATCH IT
detroit_librarian @craftabrarian 852d
#slashtag Aniara (2018) hidden gem from Sweden about a ship leaving a ravaged Earth for Mars. On Hulu.
The King In Mellow @TwinPeaksLodger 852d
Recommending Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020) Dir: Junta Yamaguchi. After a man discovers his tv can show him 2 minutes into the future, a variety of delightful and surprising complications ensue. A clever and charming film. #slashtag
Daniel Horton @danielrhorton 853d
If you’re looking for a solid Netflix documentary watch, I can’t recommend Midnight Asia enough. Amazing nighttime cinematography, and even more awesome stories of the people that make their cities lit. #slashtag
⚓️skippurr.pcc.eth⚓️ 🌮taco🌮 @brandonleetaco 853d
#slashtag are we going to get a filmcast segment on the avatar episode of How To With John Wilson? 😂@davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra
sean the cabbie @northolt3103 853d
@jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky #slashtag the responder with Martin freeman on the bbc
Eric Webster @ewebster 853d
@jeffcannata if you’d like to watch a movie that has a similar set up to Archive 81, but takes a different path and has a non-conclusive ending, watch Broadcast Signal Intrusion. #slashtag
Bilal M @Bilal__M 854d
@thefilmcastpod Hey gents, I have a suggestion for y'all to watch: 'Penny Dreadful' (on Showtime). Lastly, I'm listening to Ep. 621 right now and just wanted to remind you guys... don't forget to eat that D! #Slashtag
#slashtag Man, I know Euphoria is kind of dark, but I can't believe you guys are skipping it. So much brilliant writing/directing/acting. @Devindra, where you at on this?
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 854d
Benji Black @TepidSharkTake2 854d
@thefilmcastpod @jeffcannata If you haven’t seen it before Denzel Washington is also in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing. #slashtag
Agni Lahiri @agnilahiri 854d
@davechensky Apologies for the bad audio not sure what happened there. Thanks for taking the question. I wanted to follow up with a recommendation which I think you'll appreciate from a filmmaking perspective. Inside No.9 #slashtag
david mcgrath @mcgruff315 854d
#slashtag Ada Twist Scientist on Netflix, especially if you have a little girl at home. Great show that promotes science and engineering to little kids.
#slashtag i farted on your mom's balls
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 856d
@davechensky Usually I go out of my way to recommend movies or a certain TV show to @jeffcannata, but Kogonada's "After Yang" at Sundance 2022, wow. Made for YOU @davechensky. You definitely need to see this NOW. I could see this #1 on your Top of 2022 list. @Devindra #slashtag
FIREMATTRHULE @Kenshin_elite 856d
can I just say fraggle Rock is amazing on Apple TV. I feel like this is right up @jeffcannata alley #slashtag
Redos Garbo @GarboRedos 857d
Just got back from seeing the film Dangerous. It is the perfect funny bad movie. If you are into laughing at a shit movie it is a great time. It has the worst acting i have seen in years, im talking Chris Klein levels. Script is 10/10 bananas, all characters are insane #slashtag
Hakim Tatah @Huxter 857d
I'd like to put All Light, Everywhere on the radar. Profound doc on Hulu about perspective and the relationship between cinema and weaponry tying in policing and surveillance #slashtag
ChanceTheFilmmaker @ChanceTheFlmmkr 857d
I really enjoyed Archive 81. A compelling well-executed mystery with great atmosphere and tone throughout. Gets a little shaky towards the end, but overall ticked lots of boxes for me. @thefilmcastpod @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra #slashtag
Pascal “don't burn stuff” Hartig @passy 857d
@thefilmcastpod I believe someone brought up Tiny World before. If you enjoyed that, you really need to check out The Green Planet. The filmmaking is absolutely spectacular. #slashtag
myeap . @myeap80 857d
@Devindra @jeffcannata please, please check out a 2021 Korean drama series called Beyond Evil (a.k.a Monster) before HBO commissions a remake. Supremely airtight screenplay and well executed whodunnit. If you liked #bongjoonho's #mother, do not miss this. #slashtag #BeyondEvil
The King In Mellow @TwinPeaksLodger 857d
Thank you @themunnyshot for posting about Maanaadu (2021) Dir: Venkat Prabhu. This film was a great time. A Run Lola Run/ Happy Death Day type time loop movie w/ escalating stakes and plenty of surprises. Passing on the recommendation. #slashtag
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 858d
@davechensky… Great article about Cheer S2 on Vulture. Thought you would appreciate the criticism here. Obviously has massive spoilers for Cheer S1 and S2. @jeffcannata @thefilmcastpod #slashtag
elton @eptiger 858d
Hey @thefilmcastpod, check out My Mom, Your Dad (executive produced by Greg Daniels). This is an exceptionally fun, well thought out reality dating show that isn't cruel to its cast. The involvement of the kids adds a particularly interesting layer. #slashtag
@thefilmcastpod The new movie THE NOVICE is a great #slashtag rec, and one I’d like to hear @davechensky’s take on as a fan of Whiplash—it’s out now on VOD
Travis Gilliland @existential_IT 859d via @YouTube Me after discussing friendships in therapy. #adhd #succession #slashtag #FilmTwitter #SuccessionHBO
Brandon Lee Smith @BrandLeeSmith 859d
Gotta check out archive81. Netflix’s next big sleeper hit #slashtag
Nicholas Ribera @Nick_Ribera 860d
Archive 81 on Netflix is an ingenious horror/sci Fi series #slashtag
Jedi Mind Schtick 🇵🇭 🇺🇸 @LordGopez 860d
It's infuriating how under-seen @TheUGRailroadTV is. It's an incredibly harrowing narrative, but required viewing. Please, don't ever stop making art @BarryJenkins. We need you. #slashtag
Chris @Tha_Heir 860d
I highly suggest insecure for @davechensky and @jeffcannata (shout to @Devindra). One of the best shows on tv for me. #slashtag
Eric Webster @ewebster 860d
@davechensky heard you mention your enjoyment of time travel paradoxes during your Twitter office hours, and thought you might enjoy a movie I just discovered called Howard’s Mill. #slashtag
Justin Hartung @JustinHartung 860d
#slashtag #TheMedium is legitimately one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. Makes the Exorcist look like Goosebumps
Sacha Greif @SachaGreif 860d
A movie which I don't see mentioned often but I really love is We Are Going To Eat You (1980) by Tsui Hark. Hearing people talk about cannibalism in Yellowjackets made me think of it the other day.… #slashtag