sdcelik @sdcelik1 487d
#slashtag The Summit of the Gods: I would really recommend this one. A manga adaptation with beautiful visuals and it asks nice questions about the meaning of life and success. One of the best movies of 2021 , especially if you’re into mountaineering films.
hysum ismail @thehysum 488d
#slashtag Matt Berry is back with Toast of Tinseltown. It's exactly as hilarious as that sounds. WATCH IT
detroit_librarian @craftabrarian 489d
#slashtag Aniara (2018) hidden gem from Sweden about a ship leaving a ravaged Earth for Mars. On Hulu.
The King In Mellow @TwinPeaksLodger 489d
Recommending Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020) Dir: Junta Yamaguchi. After a man discovers his tv can show him 2 minutes into the future, a variety of delightful and surprising complications ensue. A clever and charming film. #slashtag
Daniel Horton @danielrhorton 489d
If you’re looking for a solid Netflix documentary watch, I can’t recommend Midnight Asia enough. Amazing nighttime cinematography, and even more awesome stories of the people that make their cities lit. #slashtag
⚓️skippurr.pcc.eth⚓️ 🌮taco🌮 @brandonleetaco 490d
#slashtag are we going to get a filmcast segment on the avatar episode of How To With John Wilson? 😂@davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra
sean the cabbie @northolt3103 490d
@jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky #slashtag the responder with Martin freeman on the bbc
Eric Webster @ewebster 490d
@jeffcannata if you’d like to watch a movie that has a similar set up to Archive 81, but takes a different path and has a non-conclusive ending, watch Broadcast Signal Intrusion. #slashtag
Bilal M @Bilal__M 490d
@thefilmcastpod Hey gents, I have a suggestion for y'all to watch: 'Penny Dreadful' (on Showtime). Lastly, I'm listening to Ep. 621 right now and just wanted to remind you guys... don't forget to eat that D! #Slashtag
#slashtag Man, I know Euphoria is kind of dark, but I can't believe you guys are skipping it. So much brilliant writing/directing/acting. @Devindra, where you at on this?
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 490d
Benji Black @TepidSharkTake2 490d
@thefilmcastpod @jeffcannata If you haven’t seen it before Denzel Washington is also in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing. #slashtag
Agni Lahiri @agnilahiri 491d
@davechensky Apologies for the bad audio not sure what happened there. Thanks for taking the question. I wanted to follow up with a recommendation which I think you'll appreciate from a filmmaking perspective. Inside No.9 #slashtag
david mcgrath @mcgruff315 491d
#slashtag Ada Twist Scientist on Netflix, especially if you have a little girl at home. Great show that promotes science and engineering to little kids.
#slashtag i farted on your mom's balls
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 492d
@davechensky Usually I go out of my way to recommend movies or a certain TV show to @jeffcannata, but Kogonada's "After Yang" at Sundance 2022, wow. Made for YOU @davechensky. You definitely need to see this NOW. I could see this #1 on your Top of 2022 list. @Devindra #slashtag
FIREMATTRHULE @Kenshin_elite 493d
can I just say fraggle Rock is amazing on Apple TV. I feel like this is right up @jeffcannata alley #slashtag
Redos Garbo @GarboRedos 493d
Just got back from seeing the film Dangerous. It is the perfect funny bad movie. If you are into laughing at a shit movie it is a great time. It has the worst acting i have seen in years, im talking Chris Klein levels. Script is 10/10 bananas, all characters are insane #slashtag
Hakim Tatah @Huxter 493d
I'd like to put All Light, Everywhere on the radar. Profound doc on Hulu about perspective and the relationship between cinema and weaponry tying in policing and surveillance #slashtag
ChanceTheFilmmaker @ChanceTheFlmmkr 494d
I really enjoyed Archive 81. A compelling well-executed mystery with great atmosphere and tone throughout. Gets a little shaky towards the end, but overall ticked lots of boxes for me. @thefilmcastpod @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra #slashtag
Pascal “don't burn stuff” Hartig @passy 494d
@thefilmcastpod I believe someone brought up Tiny World before. If you enjoyed that, you really need to check out The Green Planet. The filmmaking is absolutely spectacular. #slashtag
myeap . @myeap80 494d
@Devindra @jeffcannata please, please check out a 2021 Korean drama series called Beyond Evil (a.k.a Monster) before HBO commissions a remake. Supremely airtight screenplay and well executed whodunnit. If you liked #bongjoonho's #mother, do not miss this. #slashtag #BeyondEvil
The King In Mellow @TwinPeaksLodger 494d
Thank you @themunnyshot for posting about Maanaadu (2021) Dir: Venkat Prabhu. This film was a great time. A Run Lola Run/ Happy Death Day type time loop movie w/ escalating stakes and plenty of surprises. Passing on the recommendation. #slashtag
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 495d
@davechensky… Great article about Cheer S2 on Vulture. Thought you would appreciate the criticism here. Obviously has massive spoilers for Cheer S1 and S2. @jeffcannata @thefilmcastpod #slashtag
elton @eptiger 495d
Hey @thefilmcastpod, check out My Mom, Your Dad (executive produced by Greg Daniels). This is an exceptionally fun, well thought out reality dating show that isn't cruel to its cast. The involvement of the kids adds a particularly interesting layer. #slashtag
@thefilmcastpod The new movie THE NOVICE is a great #slashtag rec, and one I’d like to hear @davechensky’s take on as a fan of Whiplash—it’s out now on VOD
Travis Gilliland @existential_IT 496d via @YouTube Me after discussing friendships in therapy. #adhd #succession #slashtag #FilmTwitter #SuccessionHBO
Brandon Lee Smith @BrandLeeSmith 496d
Gotta check out archive81. Netflix’s next big sleeper hit #slashtag
Nicholas Ribera @Nick_Ribera 496d
Archive 81 on Netflix is an ingenious horror/sci Fi series #slashtag
Jedi Mind Schtick 🇵🇭 🇺🇸 @LordGopez 496d
It's infuriating how under-seen @TheUGRailroadTV is. It's an incredibly harrowing narrative, but required viewing. Please, don't ever stop making art @BarryJenkins. We need you. #slashtag
Chris @Tha_Heir 497d
I highly suggest insecure for @davechensky and @jeffcannata (shout to @Devindra). One of the best shows on tv for me. #slashtag
Eric Webster @ewebster 497d
@davechensky heard you mention your enjoyment of time travel paradoxes during your Twitter office hours, and thought you might enjoy a movie I just discovered called Howard’s Mill. #slashtag
Justin Hartung @JustinHartung 497d
#slashtag #TheMedium is legitimately one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. Makes the Exorcist look like Goosebumps
Sacha Greif @SachaGreif 497d
A movie which I don't see mentioned often but I really love is We Are Going To Eat You (1980) by Tsui Hark. Hearing people talk about cannibalism in Yellowjackets made me think of it the other day.… #slashtag
Gordon Eick @EickGordon 497d
I’m obsessed with Station Eleven. I’m on my second watch through, and I’m finding myself somehow even more emotionally affected. Multiple weeps per episode. Also obsessed with the score by @Dan_romer. @jeffcannata - I think you’d like this show, a lot. #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 497d
Ep. 653 - The Tragedy of Macbeth (GUEST: Caroline Siede)… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Eric Webster @ewebster 498d
@thefilmcastpod I heard Devindra dismissively mention Dexter: New Blood while discussing Showtime, but it’s better than you think. And it’s a limited series that has a definite conclusion. Give it a chance. #slashtag @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra
Kevin Mullaney @ircmullaney 499d
Be sure to check out Somebody Somewhere with Bridget Everett and Jeff Hiller on HBOmax. Such a great first episode! I can't wait to see where it goes. #slashtag
Ryan Laskodi @RLaskodiKQBH 499d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata First great new show of 2022 is Archive 81 on Netflix. It’s an adaptation of the podcast of the same name. It takes the mystery and intrigue done so well in the podcast while carving its own identity as a tv show. Worth watching. #slashtag
Luis Paixao 🏟 @LmcfP 500d
The Great God Panopticon @TwinPeaksLodger 500d
Archive 81 off to a good start. I liked the podcast, so this is my jam. Strange recordings, mysterious buildings, and cosmic horror. And cool to see Mamoudou Athie from the "OH Jerome, NO" segments of FX's Cake. Check it out. #slashtag
Conor Bresnan @ConorBresnan1 501d
The House on Netflix. Erroneously labeled as a three part TV series, is a phenomenally weird, sometimes creepy, but always alluring animated film from the co-writer of Hunger. I was enthralled and entranced. Sucked in by its surrealist, cheeky and demented story. #slashtag
Max Power @MichaelRPower 501d
Hope the guys are going to give #Peacemaker a shot. First 2 episodes were great and it has maybe the greatest opening credits sequence in television history! #slashtag
#NightMurse @TheTrueGeen 502d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata #SlashTag'ing #AfterLife on Netflix now that it's final season dropped this morning and #TheLastDuel is now on HBO Max so I can check that out myself
Max Power @MichaelRPower 502d
This comment on my review of Under the Helmet: The Legacy of #BobaFett killed me. Decent documentary streaming on Disney+. #slashtag
Bill Latronica @Bill_Latronica 502d
@jeffcannata @Devindra @thefilmcastpod just finished season 5 of #SearchParty and was absolutely flabbergasted (in a good way) at the ending. I’m hoping you guys talk about it in an #AfterDark episode soon! #slashtag
Luke Watkins @cyborygmos 502d
@jeffcannata Got a #slashtag recommendation for you specifically: The Humans, available to stream on Hulu. I did not like this movie much personally--but I am CONFIDENT you will love it. I won't say anything else about it so you can remain unsullied.
AbiTin @AbiTin1907 503d
“Bir Başkadır” (English title: “Ethos”) is a Turkish Netflix original series. It perfectly demonstrates the life in Turkey, the complexity of Turkey, and the separation between people with different social backgrounds. The acting, music and cinematography is excellent. #slashtag
Mark Madel @mark_madel 503d
If you like political thrillers, watch *Azor* (MUBI), 1 of my Top 10 & a superb debut feature; a slow-boil that subverts expectations w/a clinical precision & chilling modern perspective, plus a sparse, snyth-tinged score that increases the unease until you're cooked. #slashtag
Max Power @MichaelRPower 503d
Finished my rewatch of X-Men the animated series on Disney+ moving on to Iron Man: The Animated Series. Haven’t watched this since I was a kid, so much nostalgia. #Slashtag