Thomas Hettich @thettich 651d
'100 Foot Wave' is a very good documentary series about big-wave surfing and deserves a #slashtag recommendation. It is airing now on HBO. Considering that you enjoy 'Alone' @davechensky and 'Ultimate Survival Alaska' @jeffcannata - I think this is for you. @Devindra, interested?
Jason Pisani @jasonpisani 654d
#slashtag @jeffcannata highly recommend Making It on Hulu for positivity and amazing hand crafted art. Not a normal competition show.
Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees 656d
Who is ready for a killer day? I am. Oooooohhhh yes I am. #FridayThe13th #Friday13th #FridayThethirteenth #bestdayever #stalkward #slashtag
Amjid Khan @totalkharnage 655d
@thefilmcastpod Hope you’re going to be reviewing CODA on Apple TV+ soon. #Slashtag
Scott Lenart @scottlenart 656d
@JeffCanatta @Devindra @davechensky #slashtag "Dave" may be a masterpiece! That season finale had me in tears.
𝚛𝟹𝚟 @r3v 657d
@thefilmcastpod I watched the first episode of Reservation Dogs (which is produced by Taika Waititi). I don’t know if the rest of the episodes will hold up, but the first ep was pretty funny. #slashtag
mark thuneman @mthuneman 658d
#slashtag "Get Duked" on Amazon Prime. A group of delinquent teens are forced to do a walkabout in the Scottish Highlands, but end up fighting off a serial killer. I LOVED it. I came for Eddie Izzard, but stayed for everything else!
This existential reality show Alone is addictive. #slashtag
Ben Bell @benbellphotos 660d
@JeffCanatta @Devindra @davechensky #slashtag Thunder Road, 2019 Jim Cummings written, directed & starring masterpiece. Funny, heartbreaking, heart-warming and sad all in 90 minutes.
AyAyRon @atrain224 662d
Gents, you must watch Andre Haigh’s limited series ‘The North Water’. @jeffcannata and @davechensky, I know you both have AMC+. Colin Farrell is incredible in it. #slashtag
Devin Hauenstein @HowDevin 662d
There’s a single line in the first episode of AppleTV’s “Mr. Cornman” that @davechensky would get a kick out of, so it makes the #slashtag
HoosierBronco @gquillo 662d
Dave. Season 2 Episode 9 👀🤟🤯💥🤏 @lildickytweets #slashtag
CJ 😶‍🌫️ Davis @sameolCJ 663d
CJ 😶‍🌫️ Davis @sameolCJ 663d
How have I not heard anything about A Black Lady Sketch Show?! This is hilariousss
Acting Captain Stark @_starktrek_ 664d
@thefilmcastpod #slashtag for PIG, the new drama starring Nicolas Cage. It’s phenomenal, and a @jeffcannata limerick for this would be off the charts.
Kenny Johnson @dodgingcars 665d
@thefilmcastpod I was looking for some Spanish language films to watch when I stumbled on a gem I had never heard of from 2009. The English title is Timechrimes and it's available on Kanopy. I think it's brilliant and I think all of you would love it. #slashtag
John Aguon @jd_aguon 665d
I can’t be the first to realize that Leo, Brad and Jonah really love working with each other @Slashfilmcast #slashtag
Peter Miller @Petebuster 665d
@jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky Can not recommend Pig enough. Easily one of the top 10 films of the year. It should be given a full review.#slashtag
Daniel Shaw 萧加恒 @DanboShaw 666d
I watched a film last night where a down-on-his-luck skipper take a feisty British woman down a jungle river in WW1, braving mighty rapids and getting shot at by Germans. The lead finally won an Oscar -- wait, you guys know I'm talking about THE AFRICAN QUEEN, right? #slashtag
Daniel Shaw 萧加恒 @DanboShaw 666d
When @jeffcannata was telling @davechensky that they could have done a "Romancing The Stone"-type story, this is the movie I thought of. I watched the restored (2009) version, and while the opening might set of "problematic" bells, it's not nearly as bad as the actual ride!
Leslie Cserepy @LeslieCserepy 667d
@jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky "Matsumoto Presents: Documental" on Amazon Prime. A comedic Japanese reality show where 10 comedians are locked in a room trying to make each other laugh while not laughing themselves. With their own money on the line. Short seasons! #slashtag
bladeronner @BladeRonner 668d
This show is freaking hilarious. And I'm sure it does not have the blessing of the royal family. 😂 #slashtag…
Aaron Potter @ItsMeAaronP 669d
#SlashTag I know Jeff is on a music doc kick, so I'd recommend Bros: After the Screaming Stops. It focuses on the reunion of an 80s pop duo, and despite playing out like Spinal Tap meets David Brent is 100% real. Unintentionally hilarious but wholesome.
@thefilmcastpod not sure if you folks are still using the #slashtag, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Nic Cage movie PIG, which is one of the best and most surprising movies so far this year, though the only caveat is it seems like it’s only in theaters for now 🤷🏻‍♂️
Directed by Rian Johnson @smh1489 670d
#slashtag omg y’all weren’t fucking around the show about the show is absolutely insane
Odyssey Dave @dave_odyssey 671d
#slashtag #shivababy This is almost as anxiety inducing as Uncut Gems and more claustrophobic. It’s like a dramedy that’s (often) shot and scored like a horror movie. Couldn’t look away. @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra
@Devindra Wow, the season 5 premiere of The Good Fight! I’ve got no one else to say this to. #slashtag
Tracer Bullet, P.I. @LeSneeze 672d
@davechensky do you watch “Warrior” on HBOMax? It’s a fun martial arts show set in San Francisco in the 1870s, with a largely Asian cast. After listening to your G.I. Joe discussion I feel it might be a better use of your time 😋 #slashtag
Wil Harris @WilHarris 673d
If I’m not the 100th person, then if you love What we do in the Shadows you HAVE to watch Toast of London #slashtag
SᥱᥲttꙆᥱ_JC @Seattle_JC 674d
@jeffcannata Thanks for the heads up of "McCartney 3, 2, 1"! It is soooo good. I was geeking out on the technical aspect of their studio production. Paul clearly was having fun revisiting his early work. Can't wait for the Peter Jackson documentary! #slashtag
Holy moly, what a ride Kevin Can F Himself was. Hard to describe until you see it. Highly, highly recommend. #slashtag
time is a flat pancake @PancakesNow 675d
I haven’t seen much buzz about it but Dr. Death on Peacock is very good. It’s a worthy adaptation of the great Wondery podcast and the leads (esp Christian Slater) are great. Seriously disturbing at times! #slashtag
Garrypl @garrypl 675d
This is a #slashtag emergency. Don’t think this has ever been available to stream in the US before. Essential.
Ryan Laskodi @RyanLaskodi 675d
@jeffcannata You have mentioned you are a fan of pro wrestling. Have you seen the series from Vice “Dark Side of the Ring”? It’s on Hulu and it’s a documentary series about some of the tragic stories from the wrestling world. I think it’s something you might enjoy #slashtag
folarin @folarin 675d
#slashtag 2006 show "The Unit" about a special operations Delta force unit in the U.S. Army. Amazing show. Quick witted dialogue. Shot like a gritty movie. Dennis Haysbert as leader of the unit. Scott Foley. Robert Patrick fits his role so well.
Emma Müller 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🖤 𖤐 @TV_Junkie 675d
#slashtag Blood Red Sky: German-american Netflix-movie Die Hard on a plane, but the protogonist is a single mom traveling to the US to treat her „blood disease“. (If you know what I mean…)
Justin Lerbakken @Lerbaker 676d
#slashtag been on a music doc kick lately and @jeffcannata if you liked McCartney 3,2,1 you gotta check out the Sparks Brothers (directed by Edgar Wright), the newish Zappa doc, and Summer of Soul they are all amazing
Ryan Laskodi @RyanLaskodi 677d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata Just finished “I Think You Should Leave.” It was hilarious and brilliant. Are there any other shows like this? And by that mean, hilarious and also short. I loved how short the episodes of I Think You Should Leave are. #Slashtag
Rick @rickl80 677d
#slashtag are any of you watching “War of the Worlds” on Disney+? I haven’t heard many people talk about it , but it’s surprisingly good
Conor Bresnan @ConorBresnan1 678d
#slashtag Thank you @Devindra for recommending Neon Genesis Evangelion! I'm a slow TV watcher, but I've finally finished the series and in my mind it is one of the 5 best ever made. What an exquisite work of art. To the other film cast hosts, what are you waiting for?
Adrian vom Baur @adrianvom 678d
@thefilmcastpod Have any of you guys checked out Babylon Berlin (on Netflix in the US)? It’s a fantastic crime thriller set in 1920s Berlin that combines a lot of genres. All episodes are co-written & co-directed by Tom Tykwer and I think it’s some of his best work! #slashtag
Salil 🧢🤘 @salil__ 678d
For an escape from everything stressful, I recommend Clarkson’s Farm on @PrimeVideo #slashtag
brandon billings @brand0nbillings 678d
Hey @jeffcannata @Devindra @davechensky if you like “I think you should leave” and Sam Richardson, have you guys watched Detroiters? While it has lots of “Detroit” specific jokes and references that may be lost on you, Tim and Sam’s humor stylings shine through. #slashtag
@thefilmcastpod if you guys like Wellington Paranormal, WWDITS and that type of humour, I reckon you'll dig New Zealand Today. Basically the same except it's not and it's real. Every episode makes me both mortified and proud to be a Kiwi #slashtag…
Charlie @charliejnrk 679d
Time Tv series staring Stephen Graham and Sean Bean. #slashtag
SᥱᥲttꙆᥱ_JC @Seattle_JC 679d
@Devindra So glad you called out High on the Hog (Netflix) on the Filmcast! It only suffers from leaving me wanting more episodes. #slashtag
Max Power @MichaelRPower 679d
I want to recommend Monsters at Work to my fellow @thefilmcastpod listeners who are also parents. Like any Pixar movie it's quality entertainment for the kids and the parents. Check it out! #slashtag #MonstersAtWork
Finished the final season of Bosch. Pretty great. Have you seen it yet @Devindra ? #slashtag