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Harry Bo @Horror_Dungeon 1d
Great thriller set in an English town still effected by the devastating miner's strikes of the the 1980s. The strikes were a huge news story here in the UK and effected so many lives. #slashtag…
#NightMurse @TheTrueGeen 3d
@davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra please tell me this is going to be covered on the pod...saw it last night and I was floored #KeepUpTheGoodWork #SlashTag
Steven @Scigrex 4d
If you are looking for a really good comedy action movie with a lot of heart I highly recommend Love and Monsters, which is on Amazon. It is Zombieland with monsters but better imo. #slashtag @jeffcannata, @Devindra, and @davechensky
C. D. Matthew Murphy @CDMatthewMurphy 4d
Hi ⁦@thefilmcastpod⁩. Have y’all checked the #ScamLikely podcast from ⁦@campsidemedia⁩? It’s quite a Hollywood story. Consider this a #slashtag recommendation! ⁦@davechensky⁩ ⁦@Devindra⁩ ⁦
Jorge @JLplays78 6d
#slashtag John Williams makes his conducting debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker. Thursday on #PBS check your local time @jeffcannata @spicer @Devindra
Zora O’Neill 🦔 @zora 6d
Is anyone writing a horror movie about kids being activated to grisly murder through TikTok, a la the Ring? Call it #slashtag.
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 7d
#IndustryHBO season 2, baby. #slashtag
thisisappa @appacuseme 7d
@thefilmcastpod papergirls is pretty good! Hope to hear about it on an upcoming episode! #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 7d
#slashtag B.J. Novak’s Vengeance, a film about a reporter making a true crime “dead white girl” podcast in rural Texas. Shares a lot of sensibilities with The Premise, so @jeffcannata will probably love it and maybe @davechensky should steer clear 😂
Luke Watkins @cyborygmos 10d
@jeffcannata A #slashtag recommendation for you specifically—The Humans, currently streaming on Showtime. I’ll let it remain unsullied except to say: it’s one of those play-like films that you tend to love.
Luke Watkins @cyborygmos 10d
@thefilmcastpod A #slashtag recommendation: Fire of Love, an incredible documentary about a married pair of volcanologists who gave their lives in service of the science they loved. It may be my favorite film of the year.
Jason Sansbury @jasonsansbury 10d
@jeffcannata @thefilmcastpod is there somewhere we can donate to the Kick-a-thon retroactively? #slashtag
smarusich @smarusich 10d
The Resort. I think you guys will like it. #slashtag
sean the cabbie @northolt3103 10d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata #slashtag breeders with Martin freeman. 3 seasons very funny!
Félix Sauvé @felixsauve 11d
Just started Bosch per @Devindra recommendation and it’s way better than expected. For someone who loves The Shield (@jeffcannata), it’s definitely in the same ballpark quality wise #slashtag
Bill Billings @gloryforall77 12d
#slashtag Black Bird. Instant crime drama classic.
david mcgrath @mcgruff315 15d
#slashtag Have you dove into the world of My Little Pony yet? The 2017 movie is pretty good, and the soundtrack is kinda killer. Take 2 seconds and check out the cast. It's great. And sorry Devindra, the Paw Patrol Movie is horrible
Dairin Keating Dip FTST IIHHT ISRM 🇮🇪 🌈🏍🎶 @dairinkeating 18d
23/7/65 Saul Hudson was born in #StokeonTrent and is a guitarist better known simply as @Slash He rose to prominence as lead guitarist of @gunsnroses in the 1980s and 1990s. #slashtag and is considered one of the greatest guitarist of all time.
Salil ☮️🧢🤘 @salil__ 19d
ExtraordinaryAttorney Woo. Please watch🙏🏼 #slashtag
frida_koala @ladydontmind 19d
James Camera's Avatar and Feather #slashtag
Merlin Plagge @MagicM3rlin 19d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata have any of you tried Black Bird on Apple TV+ yet? It absolutely scratches the itch I had since Mindhunter was canceled. #slashtag
Mitch Punpayuk @TheMitchipedia 19d
I just finished #DaveMadeAMaze streaming on @PrimeVideo. I'm not a smart man, so I'm not surprised that what the movie was trying to convey is on the tip of my brain, but I just can't put it into words. A wonderful & original movie, with a style all its own. #Slashtag
Mike Aparicio @peruvianidol 21d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata 👀 #slashtag (also, the creators have a new show coming out, 1899, that looks pretty great:
This week's talk about The Rehearsal reminded me that acclaimed Israeli show Rehearsals is now streaming on Hulu. It's a dramedy about a couple putting on a play while also dealing with relationship problems. I have a feeling @jeffcannata might enjoy this show! #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 21d
Ep. 679 - Marcel the Shell with Shoes On… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Mitch Punpayuk @TheMitchipedia 22d
#TheArgument is a surprisingly funny movie (I only say "surprisingly" because I had never heard of it) and stacked with an amazing cast. It's streaming right now on @PrimeVideo. #SlashTag
got 2 tickets to see the world premiere of The Motorcycle Illustrated at the SIFF Egyptian next week! I can’t believe an old friend actually made a living breathing documentary. @davechensky you should check it out if you’re free 👀 #slashtag…
Benco Bro 🍫🥛 @orange_kid 28d
Can't believe nobody has recommended Netflix's #ManVsBee yet! 🐝 Rowan Atkinson is absolutely hysterical. A comedy masterclass. Think: The Whistler's Mother scenes from the movie #Bean – but that's the entire show. #Slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 28d
David @daviie11 36d
This disturbing Norwegian horror/thriller involving children gave me similar vibes as Midsommar. From the guy who co-wrote the worst person in the world. @davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata #slashtag
TeenWolfBlitzer @HyperApathy 37d
Just started watching Terriers and, shame on anyone that gave @Devindra a hard time about his love. This show is fantastic. #slashtag
Loyd, vaccinated, he/him @loydcase 38d
If hyperviolent medieval (fantasy) combat where a princess rescues herself sounds appealing, then The Princess on Hulu is your jam. It helps that it's a tight 94 minutes. #slashtag
Ross Johnson @Ramshackle 38d
#StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds is high-quality sci-fi TV IMO. @jeffcannata I humbly urge you to reconsider your take. #slashtag
franske @franske 39d
@jeffcannata if you like @PhilNWang and his standup I recommend checking out @taskmaster. The early season are available officially on YouTube. A bonus to the show is you can watch an episode in as a whole or in parts. #slashtag
#slashtag I know you’re a fan of absurd comedy @jeffcannata so wanted to flag Nude Tuesday with you. It’s streaming in Oz but not sure where it is available in the US. Perhaps NordVPN can help 😊
Benejizzerit @HowDevin 41d
BAYMAX! Is on Disney+. This show is 6 ten-min episodes. Hilarious. Family friendly. If you loved BIG HERO 6 as much as I did, give this a shot. Curious for thoughts on ep3. I think “the discourse” will surpass TURNING RED & LIGHTYEAR @jeffcannata @davechensky @Devindra #Slashtag
Jas Bahia @AllThatJasBahia 41d
@jeffcannata #slashtag Just a quick rec for Inside No 9, a BBC dark comedy/horror/thriller anthology show. Usually twisty single-location stories. Completed its 7th series a few months ago. Eps 1.2, 3.3, and 4.1 are some personal faves. Feel like it might be right up your street.
Sandeep @tcsandeep 41d
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata f you are looking for a British drama series do watch "Sherwood"… #slashtag Topnotch
#SCREAM #FridayThe13th #HalloweenEnds #chucky #freddykrueger #slashtag FRANK HATES YOU | Short Slasher Film By Jason Houser via @YouTube
Mitch Punpayuk @TheMitchipedia 46d
Ok if you have the ability to give Dark Winds on AMC a try, you should. I had never heard of the book series or the 1991 Lou Diamond Phillips movie. I am so engrossed with the story and performances. #SlashTag
@jeffcannata i dunno how many times this has been recommended to you but if many then add mine to the pile. i think you’d appreciate it a lot. #slashtag
𝒂𝒇𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒌𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒎 @afreakstream 46d