Nicolas Van de Sijpe @NicVdSijpe 147d
@jeffcannata Could be wrong but seem to recall you like single location movies. The Guilty (2018 original, not the remake) is one of the most tense I've seen. You might enjoy it but does contain material that might be especially upsetting to someone with young children. #slashtag
@Seattle_JC @Seattle_JC 147d
#Slashtag Strange Days (1995) is available for streaming on HBO Max, pass it on.
Steve Yeocero ⚖️ 🐒 @SJYeocero 147d
@Devindra I think you mentioned #SlowHorses on @thefilmcastpod in a positive light. If that's the case, you were right on! I jammed through Seasons 1 & 2 the last couple of days and it's really good! #Slashtag
Daniel Shaw 萧加恒🍥 @DanboShaw 151d
Has nobody on @thefilmcastpod seen the Emily Blunt miniseries, The English? Truly a sign of there being Too Many Shows. The male lead, Chaske Spencer, is true leading man material. The show has flaws but haunted me for days afterward. #slashtag
Steve Yeocero ⚖️ 🐒 @SJYeocero 153d
#Slashtag (is this still a thing?) "The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil," a fun gangster, crime thriller with the always magnetic Ma Dong-seok aka Don Lee. Won't change your life, but quite enjoyable & it should get a The Departed style remake. @thefilmcastpod @Devindra @jeffcannata
Henry Monmouth @henry_monmouth 153d
#slashtag The English on Amazon prime
Danny @danc4498 154d
@thefilmcastpod #slashtag @jeffcannata I would love for somebody to watch Adult Swim's Yule Log. It is comedy horror, and oddly fantastic. Somebody please validate my opinion!
David Chen - Please Subscribe to My Newsletter @davechensky 154d
Ep. 702 - Babylon… via Audioboom #slashtag
Alex Singh @BottomShelfBG 158d
@slashfilm Have you seen or talked about Pachinko on the show? It feels like it's been overlooked this year and is wonderful. Many of the episodes were also directed by Kogonada. It follows a Korean over multiple generations and available on Apple TV+ #slashtag
Jakkrapan Wandee @Jakklazz 161d
Slash yourself to the next tag #slashtag #bitkit
Just go to HBO Max and turn on the Adult Swim Yule Log. #slashtag
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Ep. 701 - Bones and All… via Audioboom #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 161d
Mitch Punpayuk @TheMitchipedia 163d
@thefilmcastpod You all should most definitely watch #InsideMan on Netflix if you haven't already. Phenomenal work from Tucci and Tennant. #SlashTag
Saunaa @Ssaauunnaa 163d
@jeffcannata Dunno if you've checked in with @GothamChess recently, but his recent vid INSANE FINAL MATCH is peak form. #slashtag
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Ep. 700 - Avatar: The Way of Water… via Audioboom #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 166d
Ep. 700 - Avatar: The Way of Water… via @Audioboom #slashtag
#slashtag Watch The Bear on Hulu. Great show about some broken dysfunctional people working in a restaurant and figuring it out.
Luke Watkins @cyborygmos 167d
Hey @thefilmcastpod I don't understand why the TV commentariat isn't talking about the most recent episode of @BobsBurgersFOX, "The Plight Before Christmas". It's weirdly one of the best episodes of TV to come out this year. Consider this a #slashtag recommendation.
Retweeting this just for @jeffcannata #slashtag @davechensky @Devindra @slashfilm first time I see. Unobtainium was in the movie The Core. #Avatar2…
The 1st use of unobtainium that I can find 2003 The Core , I found this so funny cuz of @jeffcannata @davechensky @Devindra and the hole Avatar thing #slashtag
@jeffcannata make this year the one where you watch 8 Bit Christmas, it’s great! #slashtag
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Ep. 699 - Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery… via Audioboom #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 175d
Ep. 699 - Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Aaron @bpa48 176d
For Jeff: as someone who enjoys competency porn, recommending The Alpinist, a 2020 doc (Netflix) that follows mountain climber Marc-André Leclerc. Watching him climb is oddly very calming as he seems to just “vibe” with a mountain. It’s great to see his mastery at work #slashtag
Just finished #Farha and can’t stop crying. A beautiful, heartbreaking and incredibly important film about the Nakba. It’s available to stream on Netflix. Please watch and share! #FreePalestine #Slashtag
Steven @Scigrex 179d
This holiday season you should really watch 8 bit Christmas on HBO MAX. I think it would be right up your alley. It is a great movie with great late 80's vibes. I strongly recommend it. #slashtag @jeffcannata, @Devindra and @davechensky.
The Sutter Cane Mutiny @TwinPeaksLodger 181d
I watched Vengeance (2022) Dir: B. J. Novak last night. A hybrid comedy/noir/mystery that like it's protagonist has a restless energy and tries to do many things. Some ideas and elements are executed better than others but over all an interesting directing debut. #slashtag
Paul Forte @PaulForte 182d
Calling it now, Thirteen Lives wins Best Picture #slashtag
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 182d
@thefilmcastpod @Audioboom After Gangs of London check out Lost Bullet on Netflix. There’s’ also a Lost Bullet 2. #slashtag
Ian Birnbaum is in The Hague @ianbirnbaum 183d
@jeffcannata, have you checked out Ghosts yet? It seems like the light half-hour ensemble comedy that you're always looking for to watch with the Mrs. Lots of man-out-of-time jokes and a great cast #slashtag
Ian Birnbaum is in The Hague @ianbirnbaum 183d
I meant to add, this is the US remake of the British TV series. I like both but I like the US version even more. Two seasons on Paramount+ #slashtag
Cocaine Bear @cocainebear 184d
Hemlock and Honeycomb @HemlockHoneycmb 184d
#slashtag @jeffcannata You should be watching Young Rock on Peacock. It's very funny, with lots of great stories about early WWF with wrestlers hanging around. From the very witty Nahnatchka Khan.
Money Maker 2023 @NFTLever 185d
If you want to increase your twitter, Instagram and Facebook post with the real audience then it is the best place. 👉 #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #marketing #OnlineMarketing
ermeeleer @ermeeleer 185d
#slashtag Stutz on Netflix. A therapy session of a film with Jonah Hill and his therapist. Something different.
MagikarpArp @kebabdylan 185d
#slashtag The wonder... On Netflix. With Florence Pugh. That is all...
Brandon Rich @BrandonRich 185d
Really enjoyed #Spirited. Very clever, funny, and heartfelt deconstruction of A Christmas Carol with fantastic music and — something I don’t often appreciate— choreography. I guess it is possible to make new classics. #slashtag
Suparockin @LandoRocks 187d
#InsideJob season 2 is a triumph, hilarious animated show about all conspiracies being true. The cast is insane #slashtag streaming now on @NetflixANZ
David and Spencer @DavidAKAButtons 188d
#slashtag I'm not sure if you've seen this, @jeffcannata will especially love the best MCU phase 4 production: Director by Night. It's the making of to Werewolf by Night, made by Giachino's brother.
Claire Baxter @cbax1992 188d
@Devindra - I’m sorry to single you out, I know you’re not super into #slashtag but please check out Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake or Sorry we missed you. I feel confident. Sincerely, long time listener and not a twitter user. (From Aus).
Brian Whitmarsh @BrianWonderful 188d
@davechensky,@Devindra,@jeffcannata #slashtag reco for "1899" (Netflix) from "Dark" creators. Fantastic mystery/fantasy/scifi; more accessible & consumable than "Dark". Wish I would've watched non-dub, though."Making Of" special is terrific, too. Maybe my favorite show of 2022.
Devin Flanigan @DevinFlanigan 188d
Best Screenplay nom or GTFO, #Bros is so smart and funny and true so now please watch so I can stop being mad at you. (and also maybe @slashfilm you could finally fricking review it or talk about it -- or did I miss that and I'm a monster --in any case: #Bros #slashtag…
billy eichner @billyeichner 188d
Thank you! Bros is now on demand to rent/watch at home! Not for kids but a fun holiday movie in its own way! 😂 Love, joy, anger, sex, romance, lots of laughs. Happy Thanksgiving! 🏳️‍🌈🦃…
ermeeleer @ermeeleer 185d
@DevinFlanigan @slashfilm Same thoughts. Bros and Fire Island were so great and also noted movie releases in pop culture this year and widely discussed by critics and other culture pods, but no love from @slashfilm which is surprising/disappointing #slashtag
Steve Yeocero ⚖️ 🐒 @SJYeocero 191d
@thefilmcastpod Check out the very good documentary, "Master of Light," on @hbomax.
Steve Yeocero ⚖️ 🐒 @SJYeocero 189d
@thefilmcastpod @jeffcannata Check out "Good Night Oppy," a lovely documentary about the Opportunity rover, on @PrimeVideo. I think it was just released today. #Slashtag
jonah..lı...ıllı.. @iamJonahHill 191d
@jeffcannata you need to check out at least the first 20 mins of “Stotts” on Netflix. Jonah Hill sits down with his therapist & talks about his practice. It’s self-aware, emotional, & very much “two people in a room talking” you’d dig it. #slashtag
Aaron Dicer @aarondicer 191d
Got a chance to see this in Nashville. If you live within 3 hours of NYC go now, If not go anyway. #slashtag @jeffcannata Convince the team to make it a business trip. :) It will be the best thing you've seen all year.…
Mike Birbiglia @birbigs 193d
I will do anything to get you to see this show. Please tag friends or comment with your own description of the show. #theoldmanandthepool
The Sutter Cane Mutiny @TwinPeaksLodger 191d
Hey #slashtag friends, check out Slash/Back (2022) Dir: Nyla Innuksuk. A kids vs. creatures flick in the style of The Monster Squad/ Attack the Block. The CGI wasn't my favorite but the movie is an earnest good time with killer music. On @Shudder
Don Wood @thatdonwood 192d
Before @thefilmcastpod signs off this platform for good I wanted to get a #slashtag in for "Kleo" on Netflix. Classic "wronged assassin" story with a dark comedy style set against the backdrop of a reunifying Germany. Great cast. Subtitled.