Kurt @jkurto 35d
Future Man on Hulu/FX is so fun, seems like it would be right up @jeffcannata and @davechensky 's alley, but I dont remember it being mentioned on @thefilmcastpod. @Devindra dont miss out (if you havent seen it already). #slashtag
Kelly Choi 🦋 @KELLYCHOI 35d
@jeffcannata Lstened to ur pod where you spoke @DopesickOnHulu. I don’t have @hulu but I saw #crimeofthecentury by my fave documentarian @alexgibneyfilm on @hbomax; It is stunning/heartbreaking/infuriating! A #mustwatch for real deets re: opioid crisis #slashtag @TheFilmPodcast
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 35d
Ep. 641 - Dune (GUEST: Siddhant Adlakha) audioboom.com/posts/7967550-… via @Audioboom #slashtag
folarin @folarin 36d
#slashtag Just discovered a tv show based on Bourne story called Treadstone (2019). It aired on the USA network. Good action choreography and sound effects. I fast forwarded through the story.
Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees 36d
Why does Mikey Myers walk so slow? . . . . . . . . No joke here, it just always bugged me. #jasonjokes #stalkward #halloweenjokes #slashtag
Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees 36d
Why couldn't the Witch get pregnant? . . . . . . . No one would fuck her because she's hideous. #halloweenjokes #stalkward #slashtag #jasonjokes
Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees 36d
What do you call someone with a lisp who only murders angels and ghosts? Ethereal killer. #stalkward #halloweenjokes #slashtag #jasonjokes
Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees 36d
Why did Ghostface come out of retirement as a serial killer? He wanted to take another stab at it. #jasonjokes #stalkward #slashtag #halloweenjokes
Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees 36d
I love Halloween jokes! Tell me some! #stalkward #slashtag #halloweenjokes
Outlandish Beats @OutlandishBeats 37d
If you're looking for a creepy film and Squid Game and Parasite have you hungry for more South Korean cinema, I can recommend The Wailing (2016), streaming on Amazon Prime. #slashtag
Rob Cameron @cannikin 38d
#slashtag The Trip on Netflix just came out of nowhere. Noomi Repace, black comedy, really really smart and fun, but be prepared for some blood
Leslie Cserepy @LeslieCserepy 38d
@Devindra @jeffcannata @davechensky Going to try to push for this one again... But please PLEASE try to check out "Matsumoto Presents: Documental" on Prime. It's a Japanese show about comedians locked in a room together....and I'll leave it at that. Short seasons!! #slashtag
Leslie Cserepy @LeslieCserepy 31d
@Devindra Well Devindra, think u might be my only hope for Documental. Yes, the intro of the first episode is lengthy. But finish at least the 1st ep and see if you dont want to continue. I stand by the recommendation and feel like you'd all enjoy it, but this'll be my last push! #slashtag
@thefilmcastpod quick #slashtag rec in time for Halloween: THE NIGHT HOUSE starring Rebecca Hall, a spooky and legitimately entertaining ghost story that is out on VOD right now
Ricardo Tavares @rjtavares 40d
Hey @jeffcannata, you need to see "Trying". Really wholesome show on AppleTV about adoption, I think it's right up your alley #slashtag
Jason L. Voorhees @JasonLVoorhees 40d
Who is dressing like me on Halloween? If you're stalky and you know it, let's see what you're working with. #stalkward #halloween2021 #slashtag
James Calinaya @carrkarias 40d
#slashtag Oh my god @jeffcannata I'm so grateful for that The Premise recommendation. When @mikiebarb's voice came on, I busted my gut laughing. Whole time I was laughing and nodding and stankfacing. Wild show!
James Calinaya @carrkarias 24d
#slashtag I'm on @davechensky's side in that I'm kind of annoyed you recommended EP3 over EP2, @jeffcannata. Nearly quit the show because of EP3. But every other episode is great! This is sort of what I wanted the new Twilight Zone series to be!
Ted Douglass @TedDouglass 41d
Hey you! Looking for a new creepy mindf**k for the Halloween season? I’ve got it right here. Extremely well written, directed and especially performed. Rebecca Hall is a treasure. My nerves will be jangled for a while. #SlashTag #TheNightHouse pic.twitter.com/B31ZwWgbgX
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 41d
THE LAST DUEL was fantastic. Special kudos to editor Claire Simpson and co-producer and -writer @nicholofcener, who should - at least - make a movie a year. Ridley Scott has learned from some of his past mistakes and is on fire. #film #thelastduel #slashtag #FilmTwitter pic.twitter.com/kOVdSN6uhE
Stephenie believes everyone deserves 2nd ice cream @StephMagister 41d
@Devindra with this week's choice Street Fighter: the movie reference lol @jeffcannata is correct, The Premise is uhhhhhhh but you will be unable to look away. As he says, each episode is like an SNL premise if it were rated R and deadly serious. (but still funny) #slashtag
Stephenie believes everyone deserves 2nd ice cream @StephMagister 41d
@Devindra @jeffcannata @jeffcannata rewatching ep1 of The Premise and totally forgot that cameo of @davechensky's favorite host of The Daily!! (Wasn't there an episode of the Filmcast where Dave did an impression of Michael Barbaro...?) #slashtag
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 42d
hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/why… @davechensky @jeffcannata @Devindra turns out we're all wrong about why Y The Last Man was cancelled. This is a great read about it. #slashtag
Daanish Syed @_DaanishSyed 42d
@jeffcannata Now anytime I hear the “Weekly Plug” bumper on @thefilmcastpod, this is what I think of. #slashtag #ThePremise pic.twitter.com/05qCwJwxWI
TeenWolfBlitzer @HyperApathy 42d
@davechensky please give Work in Progress a watch. One of the best LGBTQ shows I’ve seen. Funny, dark, inspiring. It tackles mental illness perfectly. Not enough people are talking about this show. #slashtag pic.twitter.com/yr2wxE019d
thisisappa @appacuseme 42d
@jeffcannata #slashtag if you haven’t already, treat yourself to Drew Lynch. Incredible stuff.
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 42d
Agni Lahiri @agnilahiri 43d
@jeffcannata watched The Premise, the final episode was pretty decent. You need to watch Inside No. 9. Every other anthology series pales in comparison #slashtag
MAGENTA GAMING @MagentaGaming 44d
Ready to see @GhostrunnerGame by @505_Games in all its glory LIVE with two new modes (Wave + Kill-run) & all DLC packs? Then look forward to the stream of @realfrx today: ⏰2 - 3 pm 📺twitch.tv/frxtv #Twitch🔛#TwitchDE #slashtag pic.twitter.com/HBu6FHGcPT
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 44d
@thefilmcastpod Y The Last Man, a show @jeffcannata checked out a week after it came out, is not getting a S2, which was announced today, before S1 finished airing. Preacher got 4 full seasons. #justsaying #slashtag @Devindra @davechensky
The new velvet underground documentary on Apple TV plus. Just a great doc irrespective of your feelings of the band. #slashtag
Farrier 😼 @FarrierTheFirst 45d
@thefilmcastpod I recommend you guys watch the abysmal OUT OF DEATH (2021) starring Bruce Willie and Jaime King. It’s available on Hulu. Would love to hear your reactions to this dumpster fire! #slashtag
Steve Yeocero ⚖️ 🐒 @SJYeocero 45d
#Slashtag "Last Breath," documentary streaming on @netflix. I think the whole @thefilmcastpod gang will enjoy it, but particularly @jeffcannata.
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 45d
"The Velvet Underground" was deeply moving and entertaining. Could this be one of Haynes' best? And is this one of the year's best? #TheVelvetUnderground #toddhaynes #AppleTVPlus #slashtag #FilmTwitter #film pic.twitter.com/meymDNvSw7
jway @its_jway 45d
WATCH THE FIRST SEASON OF RESIDENT ALIEN NOWWW #slashtag it was just renewed for a second season and it is probably the funniest show on SyFy. Also @AlanTudyk is a national treasure
folarin @folarin 47d
#slashtag Dopesick from Hulu is really good. Michael Keaton has cornered his choices to real life non-fiction investigation stories. Spotlight (Catholic priests sexual harrassment), Worth (9/11 payments), Dopesick (Big Pharma pushing drugs hard). 83% RT.
DiceandCapes @diceandcapes 47d
#slashtag Heels. Especially @jeffcannata who has enjoyed wrestling. pic.twitter.com/Cd4HaWlnei
Anil Jacob Kunnel @ajkunnel 48d
MAID is the best TV I've recently watched. The writing is incredible, nuanced, and wholesome. Qualley and MacDowell are awards-worthy. It's the perfect fall-watch. #slashtag #MAIDNetflix @jeffcannata @davechensky @Devindra youtu.be/tGtaHcqsSE8
@davechensky @Devindra @jeffcannata The Premise is the Black Mirror of half hour comedies. Created, written, and directed by BJ Novak. Shifts wildly from utter brilliance to absolute absurdity. Only 5 episodes, FX on Hulu! #slashtag
Stephenie believes everyone deserves 2nd ice cream @StephMagister 48d
@davechensky now that you've seen Lamb, perhaps it's time to watch The Other Lamb? 😃 It's horrifying but kinda empowering in a Midsommar-esque way #slashtag pic.twitter.com/ONejOAUVXg
Jeff Koval @finnguy76 48d
Highly recommend This Way Up on Hulu. In the vein of Catastrophe and Fleabag, lead Aisling Bea is incredibly, uniquely funny. I was looking for something like this. #slashtag @jeffcannata
The Filmcast @thefilmcastpod 49d
Ep. 639 - No Time to Die (GUEST: Phil Nobile Jr. from Fangoria) audioboom.com/posts/7959002-… via @Audioboom #slashtag
Craig Shoemaker @thelovemaster 49d
@jeffcannata the theater lover in you will really appreciate Scenes from a Marriage on HBO. For me it felt like Marriage Story meets the Before trilogy. The acting and the dialogue is off the charts. #slashtag pic.twitter.com/Uz6Yg82sAv
Devindra is right, everyone should watch The Good Fight #slashtag
🇨🇦 Andy - ANTIFA'S Vaxed 💀 @Andrewemcameron 51d
WATCH SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE #slashtag pic.twitter.com/iX59gJyMbc
Pappy C @PappyCmoney 51d
@jeffcannata have you "watched" the Netflix interactive "Escape The Undertaker"? It's right up your alley! #slashtag
Robert Jarosinski @RobJarosinski 51d
For my @thefilmcastpod pals, give The Patriot on Amazon Prime a shot. One of the most bingeable and original shows. Dark comedy about a spy undercover and the psychological toll it takes…added bonus he is a songwriter and writes amazing songs to cope. #slashtag
Max Power @MichaelRPower 52d
Actually really enjoyed this. Lots of great references and it’s perfect for kids. My 2 year olds favourite character is Darth Vader. #TerrifyingTales #StarWars #Slashtag pic.twitter.com/NogIO0mzdc
Steven @Scigrex 53d
#slashtag Want to suggest a great movie I think all of you would enjoy, @jeffcannata, @Devindra, and @davechensky. Love and Monsters is on Hulu. It's Zombieland but with monsters. It's also much better than Zombieland. Went under the radar but I highly recommend it. pic.twitter.com/S2yHZ5s4xE
BigLebowsk1 @cmleelo2002 53d
The last 8 minutes of the office ladies podcast episode 91. Stress relief part 2. An anecdote about working with Cloris Leachman from writer/day player Nate Federman. Cloris Leachman sending me over the edge one last time. #slashtag